Endings and Beginnings


I’ve finished my internship on Friday, after 10 weeks of trying make something decent out of the project I was given. It was weird to wake up this Monday and not have to carry out my morning “routine”.

For 10 weeks, I would wake up at 7 a.m., go through the crushing disappointment of realizing that I am not just an unbounded existence floating through the void of space and time, but a human being with actual responsibilities, then I’d browse the interwebs for about 10 minutes, dress up, make my face as presentable as a lazy person can pull off, have a quick breakfast and then walk 2 miles to work, hoping no one would get in the building at the same time as me so that I wouldn’t have to share a painfully awkward elevator ride, and then go on with the rest of my day. Continue reading



Today I woke up at 7 in the morning, got to work by 9, prepped for a presentation, successfully gave said presentation with only a tomato-red face but almost no stuttering, left work at 5:30 p.m., got home at 6:15, cooked some dinner, paid the internet bill, read the news, got angry about the news, skyped with my little sister, took a shower, then got into bed to read. It’s days like these when I stop and think to myself “Wow, that’s exactly what an adult would do!”.

And I am technically an adult, right? I’m 20, I’ve been living away from home for 2 years, I sustain myself by actually cooking, I pay bills and for the last few months I’ve been going to bed by midnight to not reenact The Walking Dead the next day. Quite impressive, I must say. If that’s not adult enough, the what is? Continue reading

Office Awkwardness


We’ve all experienced awkwardness. Or at least I have. Repeatedly. More times than I can count. You know those moments where you feel betrayed by every interpersonal skill you’ve ever thought you’ve had. It feels almost as if you had an evil alter-ego that only appears to mess up some apparently harmless situations and cause you endless sleepless nights. (Could you not!?)

Well, today I’ve experienced one of my most cringe-worthy moments ever, and that’s saying a lot considering my track record.

In the past few months, I have been doing a summer placement, in order to hopefully gain something extra to put in my CV and assure that I won’t be homeless once I graduate. I work at a relatively small company, with only 9 people in total, including me. It was already weird enough when I started, since they are a pretty close group, everyone knows everything about everyone else, they sometimes get together bringing their families as well, that sort of thing. But in spite of that, they are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life, and working with them is a pleasure. Continue reading

Why start a blog?


Hello, potential readers and welcome to my blog. This is your writer, R (anonymous for extra edginess), here to explain why I chose to do this, since there’s this looming feeling that I should justify myself in front of some higher internet authority.

This is not a political blog, or a lifestyle blog, or a travel blog or a source of income. I’m not trying to teach anyone anything, not trying to change the world or spread opinions.

The purpose of this blog can easily be understood from the description. I am a 20 year old female student, just about to go into my third year of university, living far away from home, in beautiful Scotland, slowly venturing into the world of adulthood. I would say I am a loner by choice, but actually, like most people, I had an edgy period in my teenage years where rather than communicating with people, it was cooler to replace them with books/music/movies, etc. I guess I could say this only succeeded in throwing me out of the social loop for a long period of time, but that seemed fine. I lived in a relatively small city, so all those elementary and middle school connections were still alive, which meant I had enough solid friendships to guarantee at least a few people would put up with me through anything. Continue reading